23 Japan Travel Tips

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Can I Plug in My US Electronics in Japan

If you were wondering, can I plug in my US electronics in Japan, luckily you can. Japan uses 110 Volts AC power which lets you plug-in all of your devices from America, as long as the AC plug has 2 prongs the same size. If it does not, you can bring an adapter that removes […]

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Cell Phone Coverage And Internet In Japan

Although we have a world band iPhone, for cell phone coverage and internet in Japan, I elected to rent a Pocket Wi-Fi Device online and it was another awesome answer to why visit Japan. We got an unlimited minutes broadband premium package for about $200 for the whole month. You can order your Pocket WiFi […]

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Japanese Bathrooms

Japanese bathrooms are one of the awesome answers to why visit Japan. The shower is more or less the whole bathroom with a drain in the middle of the floor. Japanese people bathe either in the tub or squatting on the tool with a shower handle, but the handle can be raised high to shower […]

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Where Should You Stay in Japan

If you’re asking yourself, where should you stay in Japan, and you’re planning to visit downtown Tokyo, know that it’s a major city and very expensive, comparable to staying in Manhattan. Staying in downtown Tokyo is convenient, but can also be overwhelming, not just in price, but in crowds, size, density and sensory overload. Between […]

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JR Rail Pass

If you are traveling in JapanΒ all over the country, get a discounted foreigner JR Rail Pass to see the sites in Japan. JR Rail is one of the many train companies in Japan with a subway system in Tokyo, as well as bullet trains throughout Japan. You must book your JR Rail Pass in advance […]

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Traveling In Japan

The major metropolitan areas, such as Tokyo, have an extensive subway and bus system for traveling in Japan. It’s fairly easy to get anywhere you need to go. If you want to travel around the entire country, Japan has extremely fast bullet trains that can take you almost anywhere in Japan. However, once you leave […]

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Booking Your Airplane Ticket To Japan

Summer is the busy season for travel to Japan andΒ booking your airplane ticket to JapanΒ in the summer can range anywhere from $1,400 to $2,000 round trip. Traveling in Japan mid to late June can get you closer to $1,400. By contrast, traveling in the winter, tickets can cost half as much at $700 – $1,000 […]

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