23 Japan Travel Tips

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EXPERIENCE Your Big Trip To Japan. BE Something Greater. Big Trip To Japan is on a mission to guide 10,000 people to plan your adventurous meaningful Big Trip To Japan, enjoy the journey of a lifetime, and thrive as a seasoned world traveler. GET Your Travel Guide http://bit.ly/jpn-guide - SUBSCRIBE On YouTube http://bit.ly/2CtJ7sJ

Exchanging US Dollars To Yen

Exchanging US dollars to yen can be done right in the Narita and Haneda Airports, pretty much anywhere in the airport. I even exchanged my Yen back into US Dollars right across from my departing gate on my flight back home. The exchange rate at the airport is slightly higher, but is obviously more convenient. […]

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Counting Money And Numbers In Japan

When counting money and numbers in Japan, for written numbers, you’re in luck. The Japanese use Latin numerical characters for everyday numbers on streets signs, in the subway and when making a purchase. The cash register will either have the number in Yen that you need to pay, and when there is no register, it […]

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What Equipment Should I Bring For Video Blogging In Japan

Are you wondering what equipment should bring forΒ video bloggingΒ in Japan? Video Production is my actual profession, but when I travel to Japan, it is mostly for my Japan vacation with video blogging as a hobby. With a combination of my age, bad back (herniated disc from 10 years in Los Angeles as a professional Swing […]

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Communicating In Japan

Japanese is the official language when communicating in Japan, but there are many dialects. Tokyo, being a major metropolitan area, is the most universal dialect which is understood by natives in other regions, but Japanese citizens from Tokyo cannot necessary understand the dialect of other regions. The Japanese language evolved from Chinese and used Chinese […]

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Traveling in Japan with Diabetes

Traveling in Japan with Diabetes can be challenging if you are not prepared. Admittedly, my diabetes is not controlled the way it should be, or at least the way I want it to be. And traveling, especially overseas can be a hassle if you’re dealing with a disease and medications. However, have not fear. Just […]

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What Should You Carry With You While Traveling In Japan

What should you carry with you while traveling in JapanΒ might include your passport. I prefer to carry my passport on my person, yet safely guarded. If something happens and there’s some type of emergency, you will want to have your passport. When it’s hot, wear a hat, and do put on suntan lotion. Remember to […]

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What Should You Wear While Traveling In Japan

What should you wear while traveling in JapanΒ is comfortable clothing. However, I would not recommend walking around in gym shorts everyday because Japanese people, in general, are extremely fashionable. Regardless though, if you are visiting a temple or eating at a nice restaurant, it is safe to dress casual. On our last trip, we came […]

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How To Get From Narita Airport To Hotel

If you want to know how to get from Narita Airport to hotel, while traveling in Japan, you can take a bus to the Tokyo subway line, right from the Narita or Haneda Airports in Tokyo. Or if you have a lot of bags, you can get buy a seat on an Airport Shuttle Bus […]

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Surviving Your Flight To Japan

For those of you who drink, surviving your flight to JapanΒ might be achieved through the many international flights with free alcoholic beverages which is pretty much unlimited. I won’t lie, the party began on the plane. Always pack your prescription medicine in your carry-on or personal items. Anything can happen. Don’t be without your meds, […]

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